The Difference Between Western & Country Home Decor

Western decor includes cowboy, horse, and even buffalo theme items. Western decor is not limited to the cowboy theme, even though it is extremely popular. Western decor can also include lodge or cabin decor.

Cabin decor includes bear, moose, deer and elk design items, whereas, cabin decor includes trout, pine tree, fishing, oak leaf and duck items.

You don’t have to live in the wild west or even own a horse to surround yourself with western furniture and accessories. Western home decor can convey a western outdoorsy charm and appeal. With western home decor you may comprise an outdoor scene featuring forests, wildlife, horses, and cowboys.

The colors used in western decor tend to be darker and warmer, reds, oranges, and yellows are used to convey the idea of a western sunset. Many people like the walls in the house to be somewhat of a neutral color. An off-white, light tan, or sand color works well western style decorating since these are subdued earth tone. A few colors that will match the natural landscape are skyblue, forest green, or dusty rose color.

Another area of western home decor are the rugs. Rugs that go great with the western style are rugs with a southwestern design, sheepskin rugs, and rugs that depict wildlife such as horses or bears.

Some other things you want to consider in western home decor are horseshoes, stars, and plenty of cowboy decor. No western wall would be complete without several old brown tinted photographs.

Country home decor includes candles, sunflowers, wicker, pottery, dried flowers, handmade quilts, and red or blue gingham curtians. Country home decor brings about a warm and cozy atmosphere. Decorative country accents can bring a sense of farm life, family, and a relaxing feel to any room in the house. Using antiques, homemade craft items, and country-style accessories will add charm and character to your home.

Country decor should reflect floral prints, comfy sofas with ruffled skirts. The use of natural wood and products that reflect a natural earthy style protray country living. Natural wood floors, light wood furniture as opposed to dark, or wicker furniture gives off that country charm.

When it comes to the walls, whether using wallpaper or paint, use colors that reflect the country feel. You can even use stencils with flowers or country scenes to bring the country comfort into your home. No country home would be complete without a braided rope rug or a wooden rocking chair with a handmade quilt draped over it.

Another design style much like country decor is shabby chic. Shabby chic gives that comfortable, worn, old, vintage look. A country shabby chic theme could work well with county accessories that have an antique worn look.

It’s whatever your personal taste is, whether you prefer the traditional ranch style western home decor or the comfortable coziness of country home decor for your home decorating. You can be assured that you will have plenty of accessories to choose from that have the charm and down-home appeal.

5 Reasons You Should Get Curtains and Blinds

Almost every house decoration features curtains and blinds. But why? Are they really necessary? Here are five reasons why you may want to cover your windows.

Reason 1 – To Keep Voyeurs Away
Privacy is one of the key reasons people opt for curtains and blinds. You can adjust them to cover the window in such a way that people can’t look inside your house while light still pours in. This allows you to have privacy in your house – you can have whatever you want laying around and do whatever crosses your mind without worrying about exposure.

Reason 2 – To Maintain Thieves Out and Your Stuff In
Curtains and blinds are not much of a barrier. However, thieves are more likely to rob your house if you don’t have any form of window covering, because they will be able to look inside your house and see if there is something worth robbing. Seeing a big flat screen TV with only a glass between it and the thief is much more tempting than looking at a curtain.

Reason 3 – To Hold Heat Inside or Outside
Blinds can help you control the heat that pours into your house, but also the heat that flows out. Exterior blinds are especially fit to prevent your house from heating too much during the Summer, but interior blinds also keep some of the heat out. And during Winter interior blinds can prevent heat from flowing out of the house. This means that blinds are perfect whether you want to keep your house cool or warm.

Reason 4 – To Let Light Pour When Needed and Shut It Out When Not
Curtains and blinds can be used to either darken or lighten a room. If too much light is coming in simply close them (depending on the fabric or material they can render a room completely dark or create an aura of mystery by filtering only part of the light). If you find that it is too dark, simply open them.

Reason 5 – To Embellish Your House Without Loosing Hold Over the Purse Strings
Curtains and, especially, blinds can create beautiful window dressings for a very low cost. It used to be that all blinds were similar and created of vinyl. But nowadays you can find blinds made of any material, from fabric to wood, and also metal, cellular, faux wood, just to name a few.

Furthermore, more and more designs come out. As interior designers start exploring the creative possibilities of curtains and blinds a greater variety is available for the same low price when compared to other forms of decorating your house.

And even if you can’t find pre-made curtains and blinds that fit the style you desire, or maybe the material or pattern your are looking for, more and more companies are available to make your custom blinds using materials and fabric you chose with the particular design you have in mind.

If you are looking for an item to decorate your house that is both beautiful and functional nothing beats curtains and blinds.

How to Install Extra Long Curtain Rods

It’s always good to have natural light inside your house, because it brightens up the room. This is the main reason why people prefer to have a lot of windows around their house. This is also why they make a fuss in installing the perfect curtains. Having curtains on your windows will allow you to control the light that is seeping into your house. If you want to maximize the use of your windows, you have to make sure that those extra long curtain rods are bolted properly. This will be your framework for the curtain, so you have to make sure that it is installed properly, and that it can hold the fabric that you are planning to use. If you want to learn more on how to install it, here are some of the things that you should do:

• The first thing you need to focus on is getting the proper measurements. If you have big windows, it follows that you will need extra long curtain rods. Try to have your curtains made properly with the proper measurements, so that you don’t have to adjust it when the time comes that you’re ready to hang it.

• Extra long curtain rods can be installed directly into the wall or through a casing. Figure out what you need to do before drilling holes in your walls. As soon as you are ready to do so, estimate the positions and mark it properly. Make sure that you align them well, because if not, the placement of your curtains will be crooked.

• When everything is in place, start drilling the holes and attach the screws. Once you’re through, you can start hanging your curtains properly.

• Aside from extra long curtain rods, you can also use extension rods that will allow you to cover big windows. This will serve as a bridge between two rods that elongates the one that you currently have. It’s not that hard to put together, all you have to do is slide it in both sides of your rods. Secure it tightly, so that it won’t move or fall off.

• If you are going to install your rods in cement, you need concrete fasteners. Make that you wear goggles while drilling the wall, because it can emit a lot of dust, and you don’t want it to go to your eyes. The best way to get rid of it is by using a straw. This will allow you to insert the concrete screws properly.

• When you are attaching your curtain rod, just put it above the window. It should be at least two to three inches apart. Make sure you take this into consideration when you have your curtains made.

Allowing natural light to come into your house is a good thing, especially in the morning. It’s a good thing that anyone can install windows into their rooms and put up curtains, so that people can have enough exposure to the sun during the mornings and shade in the afternoons, when the heat from the sun is too much for one to bear. Putting it up is not that hard. All you have to do is follow the instructions that were given above.